If you only eat one thing this week…

La Tua Pasta

… make it pumpkin tortelloni from La Tua Pasta in Borough Market.

I’ve been a fan of La Tua since I discovered their permanent stand in the market late last year, and now most trips south to Borough include a pit stop for a portion of their fresh filled pasta or gnocchi. La Tua’s hand-folded filled pasta is yolk-yellow, always firm, retaining a bite post-cooking, and encases smooth, rich fillings such as wild bore, crab or spinach and ricotta. However my favourite is their sweet pumpkin tortelloni (a larger version of tortellini), which I top with a liberal helping of Parmesan, a good lug of olive oil and an (uneven) sprinkling of dried chilli.

Pumpkin tortelloni La Tua Pasta

Pumpkin tortelloni from La Tua Pasta

In addition to their regular offerings, they also have a few specials, which this weekend included a luxurious lobster one (which I saw one pre-teen boy order with worrying nonchalance, despite it being twice as expensive as the others. And his father didn’t bat an eyelid). You can top your pasta with olive oil, Parmasan, black pepper, chilli and tomato sauce for free; bolognese or pesto is a pound extra. The filled pasta is about £5 to £6 for a good lunch-time size helping, although the specials, such as the lobster, run much higher. You can also buy the pasta to cook yourself at home.

La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta

In addition to their Borough Market home on Rochester Walk, they are also Saturday regulars at Broadway Market, Duke of York Square (outside Partridges on the Kings Road), and Barnes Farmers’ Market.

Find out more on their website, or follow them on Twitter, @latuapasta.



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