Fabrique Bakery: The battle of the buns

I *think* I might be a Scandi baked goods addict. Last Monday I tried new Swedish bakery Bageriet, putting away a cinnamon, and a cardamon cream, bun in the space of half an hour. Last Saturday I went to my favourite supper club, Eat Scandi (a review of my first experience is here) where we finished off the meal with slices from three different Scandi cakes, my favourite being the almond and whiskey torte. Then last Sunday, I made it the day’s mission to sample a cinnamon bum from Fabrique Bakery, near Hoxton overground station. I can only apologise to my waist line. 

The more Scandi baked goods I consume, the more I want to go to Scandinavia. I went to Helsinki a few years ago for a family wedding, although I remember very little about it, apart from the fact that the full ceremony was conducted first in English and then in Finish, making  it the longest wedding ever. And that at the reception they served reindeer carpaccio which I rather enjoyed. I also went to Oslo for a couple of nights during university. 12 of us got 99 pence flights (those were the days eh?) from Newcastle airport after our January exams. It was freezing and none of us had a guidebook so we just wandered aimlessly a lot. It was not my most successful city break.

Bageriet boldly claims to bake the best cinnamon buns in London, but I’d heard that previous to their opening the best were to be found at Fabrique. The bakery is situated in one of the arches of the Kingsland viaduct, beneath Hoxton overground station. It’s very industrial, and East London cool, compared to the cosy, pretty Bageriet. The bakery is at the back of the building, with a small space for tables and chairs at the front. There are also a few tables outside, in the dappled shade of a couple of trees, which would be lovely in sunny weather. The counter was laden with various buns, breads and cakes. I zoomed in instantly on the cinnamon bun, and then felt a moment of panic when I noticed a cardamon bun right next to it. I adore cardamon (I quite often make this drink for breakfast). After a great internal debate I decided to try the cardamon bun, and take the cinnamon one away with me for ‘research’. Sometimes I really love having a food blog.

IMG_4092 (1)

I took a seat, and my flat white was swiftly brought over. All their coffee is from Johan & Nystrom, a Swedish roaster. The espresso was made from single estate Brazilian beans, and had sweet citrus notes to it. It was lovely. The cardamon bun however was perfection. Dusted with crunchy sugar, the pastry was light and flaky, and the filling was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. I wanted another one right away (I didn’t, now THAT would have been going too far).

Flat White from Fabrique BakeryCardamon bun at Fabrique BakeryWhen I eventually got home I tried the cinnamon one and was equally impressed. It was slightly spicier than Bageriet’s version, which might be because it also contained a touch of cardamon, and the dough was a touch lighter. Bageriet’s are more liberally dusted in pearled sugar though which I adore. So which one wins the battle of the buns? I think Fabrique just edges it, but can I really make that call having had just one from each? I don’t think so. I think I might have to go back to both for a second sampling. Then I’ll be able to make a proper, informed, decision.

Does anyone know of a Scandibakedgoodsaholic anonymous meeting?

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  1. Nina July 2, 2013 / 12:20 pm

    You should try the Nordic Bakery, their cinnamon buns are so good and fresh you can actually start smelling them from the street! I would say they’re on the heavy side, but still delicious!

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