Bageriet Swedish Bakery and #treatmonday

Mondays really are horrible aren’t they? You’ve just started to relax and enjoy your weekend, when the bastards come around and you have to start yet another week. After coming down from the weekend with a particularly bruising bump yesterday, I decided to introduce #treatmonday into my life. Sometimes a little treat is all you need to make the week seem a little bit less like running the length of Oxford Street with your legs tied together. I’d heard via Twitter of a new Swedish bakery opened near Covent Garden, and decided to make the most of my lunch hour by paying it a visit.


It’s on Rose Street, which is just off Floral Street, which is off Garrick Street, which is near Leicester Square tube. In comparison to the Scandi-cool vibe of the Nordic Bakery, Bageriet is much more homey and relaxed, with light pine tables and white Shaker style cabinets. Along the windowsill, sideboard and front counter are plates and plates of incredible looking delicacies, from light green fondant iced cakes, to tiny almond biscuits and various vetebröd (sweet wheat breads). The emphasis here is definitely on baking, there were just a couple of savory open sandwiches. After much deliberation I decided that the kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) was small enough to justify having something else alongside it, so I also chose a delicious looking bun with a small ring of cardamon cream poking out the top. The nice baker (complete with white floppy hat and apron) agreed to wrap up what I didn’t eat. I sat down at one of the two four-seater tables and pulled out my book.


My flat white was served in comforting red mug with a lovely rich foam and smooth chocolaty espresso. I then started on the cinnamon bun (£2.65) – the dough was light and buttery, the cinnamon filling spicy without being overwhelming, and the white sugar sprinkles on top added a lovely crunch. It knocked the socks off the Nordic Bakery’s version. The  cream bun (£2.95) was similarly delicious. The bun itself was quite dense, but the cardamon scented cream inside was delightfully light, and I somehow, despite my intentions, managed to eat the entirety of both.

A3EC9288-DDA7-4720-B622-36B0770796C129A29C39-4299-4B9A-B7DE-7E74287A4F29The cafe is a lovely place to spend an hour or so, calm and light and, on my visit, peopled with beautiful blonde Scandinavians. I went back to work feeling much revived and ready to tackle the rest of the day’s work, #treatmonday is staying.

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  1. buildingmybento August 28, 2013 / 3:49 pm

    Thanks for liking my post about Guatemala City! Is a visit there in your travel plans?

    A visit to Stockholm a few years ago introduced me to semla (, which is a whole wheat bun filled with almond paste. Haven’t had it since, but can’t say finding a Swedish bakery in Jakarta or China would prove fruitful either!

    • The Very Hungry Londoner August 28, 2013 / 5:03 pm

      Not quite yet – although I’d love to go. Mexico is definitely on the cards for the near future though.

      That bun looks incredible! Ah, yes I wouldn’t fancy your chances of finding any Scandinavian baked goods in Asia! It’s an excuse to visit Scandinavia in person anyway…

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