The best pastel de nata in London – Lisboa Pâtisserie

Portuguese custard tart from Lisboa Patisserie

Whenever I go down to Notting Hill, I always come back with three things: Colombian coffee from Coffee Plant (excellent value, smooth and nutty), spices from The Spice Shop which we don’t really need, and pasteis de nata from Lisboa Patisserie. I’ve never been to Portugal but these little tarts make me want to hop on the next Ryanair flight to Lisbon. A couple of Saturdays ago I walked a good 20 minutes out of my way in the drizzle to pick a couple up (it wouldn’t have been that bad if I had had a whole umbrella to myself, but Séan didn’t seem to have one with him, so I shared and got extra damp as a result. When I went to leave, I asked if he would be alright getting back to the tube without an umbrella. ‘Oh, I have one in my bag’.  Cheers mate). The shop isn’t fancy: lino floors and plastic tables and chairs. They sell an impressive range of Portuguese baked goods, most involving yellowy custard, but the pasteis de nata are the highlight. The pastry is crisp and flakes on to your napkin. The custard is rich and deeply flavoured with nutmeg. I adore them.


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